How to Convince Your Company to Bring Yoga Into the Office

How to Convince Your Company to Bring Yoga Into the Office

Office spaces and workplace cultures over the globe are changing: open plan offices have become the norm for many, and a pingpong table along with healthy office snacks are more and more common everyday. 

If you’re lucky, you get a mindfulness room, and often, yoga or other fitness activities happening during your week. More organisations are now understanding that bringing yoga and meditation into their workplace helps to both increase employee happiness and help their bottom line. Yoga will help:

  • Decrease the stress in the workplace

  • Give your organisation a competitive advantage when candidates are looking at new roles

  • Create a culture where wellbeing is the norm

  • Help their staff maintain a healthy work/life balance

Of course, not all companies have evolved in this way. Often, it takes some work to make a change in your workplace. Here are some tangible action points to get yoga in your workplace, if you are not lucky enough to have it already.


Get a group together

If you are alone, yoga in the office seems like a nice idea. There is nothing like the power of a team to turn a nice idea into reality. Yoga in the workplace is a group activity, and if you are able to highlight a number of interested participants, the likelihood of getting this across the line has significantly increased. 


Speak to us at In Bloom

We’ve done this a while now, we better understand what your HR department will be looking for when it comes to bringing this internally, and can help direct you, and even provide you documentation (and a pitch deck if needed), to support your case. We can also do the whole job for you if you wish and engage with them directly! 


Look into different options, and come up with a specific proposal

If you think that having a mat yoga class at your office just won’t happen because there is not enough space (or any other reasons), have a plan with other potential activities, such as seated meditation or yoga in the park. 


Talk to HR: They prioritise helping you staying happy and healthy

Before approaching them about starting a yoga or meditation program in the office. Come armed with these numbers, with your support documentation, with answers to question you forecast will be asked, and be prepared to show evidence as to why you want to bring yoga and meditation into your workplace. 

When it comes to your work life, take charge and ask for what you want. If the answer remains no, look into other ways of bringing yoga and meditation into your work day.