Running: The 3 obvious things people seem to forget

Running, the 3 obvious things people seem to forget

Running is a movement skill that remains the backbone of most sports and activities around the world. Yet people forget or blindly choose not to focus on the obvious when trying to get fitter, faster and stronger. Yes, I’m talking about technique. Running with good form can instantly make you faster and more efficient without expending any extra energy. Below are 3 obvious & easy pillars for people to consider when training or racing.


Build You Awareness

Definition: Knowledge or perception of a situation

Are you an AWARE runner? Do you realise that 100% of the impact force of running goes through your feet! So why don’t we strengthen them? Or simply focus on how we make contact with the ground? 

When you focus on the process of running ‘better’ rather than ‘how fast’ or ‘at this pace’ intensity, intervals and distance become small parts of the actual session. Holding form becomes your main objective and the ease and flow of the movement increases astronomically.


How’s your Mobility?

Definition: The ability to move or be moved easily or freely

In todays world the majority of people are strong enough to run for a very long time. Yet they still believe that muscle power alone is going to get them running further and faster. Releasing the joints & muscles involved and giving the joints a freer range of motion will benefit everyone from couch potatoes to elite athletes. Great movement, especially in running, starts with being able to actually get the body in the correct position. There are plenty of things in this world to fight against while moving, you don’t need to fight yourself as well.


Ever thought about Stability?

Definition: Not likely to change or Fail

Stability refers to control. Are you in control? Running is a very repetitious action, which usually doesn’t create problems but reveals underlying issues that weren’t previously known. By activating and strengthening the intrinsic muscles which stabilise the joints of the skeletal system, running and moving become effortless, instead of something that needs more and more energy and power to keeping going. 



Hopefully this gives you some different ideas to consider when going for a run. Whilst strength training is great for getting fitter, faster and stronger, try mastering and incorporating these 3 skills into your sessions first. They will make you better and increase your knowledge on what your body can achieve.


Adam Becker

Forward Motion Specialist