Workplace Wellbeing Framework Overview


Here we present our proven methodology to help creative organisations expand their wellbeing cultures, reduce stress-related workplace illness, increase performance and strecth innovative problem solving skills.  


Target Market 

Our programs are two-tiered in the sense that they are designed to impact both executives/managers, but also the whole wider workforce. Here you can find the steps we take detailed in logical order, along with how they can be rolled out accross a whole organisation, or for your team only. This sequence is the one we find the most complete, and the one offering the best results. If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact us directly. 



We are a flexible & dynamic organisation and allow teams to choose solutions they believe will impact them most, so we have included our prices below to help guide you. Please keep in mind this framework is meant to be followed in order, do preferential pricing applies to organisation who undergo a complete program. 

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"A happy workforce is the ultimate sustainable advantage"
-Carolyn Everson
VP Global Marketing Solutions

Step 1

Overview of Wellbeing Strategies in Modern Workplaces


This is delivered in the format of a 90 minute keynote presentation followed by an interactive Q & A. 

The presentation highlights the current situation of employee and organisation health. It focuses on offering a glimpse into high-impact solutions that are easily implemented for change, both at the organisation and employee level for all attendees to have actionable take-aways. 



Price: $1,200 


Step 2

corporate meditation program +

rollout of weekly meditation and yoga sessions


Executives and Managers will take part in four, 90 minute sessions, guiding them through a complete Learn To Meditate Course.

The course will run in 4 sessions and upon completion participants will have mastered a technique, allowing them to practice everywhere, anytime, nothing required. All 4 sessions must be completed consecutively, given each builds on the last. The course examines the impact of stress on the body, the nature of the mind and how meditation is an incredibly powerful technique to manage stress and sustain wellbeing. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the experience and knowledge required to practice self sufficiently.

In parallel to the meditation course aimed at managers and executives, we roll out weekly meditation and weekly yoga sessions. Enhancing your wellbeing climate creates the conditions within which your whole workforce can improve their wellbeing. 


Price for the learn to Meditate Course: $800/per person
Price for weekly sessions: $150/session (considering a quarterly commitment)



Step 3

Data Collection and identify current challenges Workshop

What are the key challenges faced by you, your managers, and your staff when it comes to performance, leadership, and wellbeing? 

We want and need to better understand how workers interact with the workspace, and more importantly, between each other. We use this workshop as an opportunity to collect data from multiple streams to help us recognise particular problems in the organisation before we can find the best way to impact them with wellbeing.

Price: $1,200

Corporate Wellbeing Goals Workshop

Step 4

Strategic Wellbeing Goals Planning Workshop


After the pain points have been highlighted, this workshop is facilitated in a brainstorming & creativity fashion with exercises researched and curated in a way to escape current paradigms and rethink change for the wellbeing of the organisation. 

Participants will leave this workshop feeling revitalised, and results will be distributed with a recommended plan of action afterwards. 


Price: $1,200


Step 5

Empower Your Workforce and Enhance your Wellbeing Climate


In this step we take the goals we have created and roll out a constant, impactful and engaging conversation about wellbeing and development in the form of regular workshops and lunch & learns with your workforce. These activities are aimed at all staff, and will address the key pillars of wellbeing. A list of example workshops can be found here


Price: $900/Workshop


Step 6 

Managing - Small .jpg

Rethink change for continuous improvement


At this point we will have seen staggering results in the health and wellbeing of the organisation, impacting the culture and changing the thought pattern of our wellbeing leaders. We are in the age of rapid change and it's likely that some of the solutions implemented early on will require an added amount of resistance to push participants forward into transformation. We use this step as an opportunity to: 

  • Roll Out Program Renewal Surveys
  • Deepen 1 on 1 Coaching with High Performers
  • Reinvigorate Workshops Offered to your Workforce 
  • Review engagement, performance, coaching approach


Price: Varies dependant of data collection method. 


About the Head Facilitator and Creator of the Framework



Joannie's mission is to empower individuals and businesses with transformational wellbeing strategies that allow fundamental change a dynamic evolution of your health and wellbeing. 

Joannie draws on more than half a decade of creating corporate welbeing strategies for leading organisations based all over APAC. She leverages her extensive training in psychology, yoga, meditation, and nutrition to inform and empower others to live happier, healthier lives. 

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David Rohrsheim,
Former CEO,

"Joannie has been an essential part of our wellbeing for several years, helping to keep us calm and grounded while Uber went through enormous change and growth. 
We probably wouldn't have installed a yoga studio in our office if it wasn't for Jo!
Her yoga classes are good exercise for body and soul, her wellbeing programs very accessible. Jo is adaptable to our needs and very proactive with new suggestions for our overall wellness program. Everybody is very thankful to have Jo as part of our journey." 


"Leadership experienced an amazing evolution and the road ahead is going to be less and less predictable. It will require every ounce of flexibility, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking that executives possess."