Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

-Albert Einstein


What is a Lunch & Learn?



Perhaps the easiest way to shift your internal culture further in favour of health & wellbeing is to introduce a conversation when people gather to replenish their levels of energy and focus.

Our lunch and learns concentrate on the wider array of topics related to nutrition, energy, and the psychology of eating. The goal of these sessions is to enhance your current wellbeing environment to include interesting conversations facilitated by an expert around all different areas of nutrition and wider health. 

Lunch and learns can be rolled out as part of a ongoing wellbeing program to compliment other activities, but can also be delivered as a stand-alone should you wish. 



What are the benefits of Lunch & Learns in your workplace? 

  • Introduces a conversation about health and wellbeing in the workplace in a fun, light way.
  • Instructive and engaging, focused on topics we all care about. 
  • You can choose from a extensive list of topics revolving around nutrition, energy, productivity, rest, communication, EQ and more. 
  • Unlimited number of attendees. 
“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”
-Jim Rohn

How is Does it Work?



Our facilitator will meet you at your offices, were the session will take place. Sessions typically run for 45 minutes. Sessions begin with an icebreaker exercise, followed by an interactive conversation around the topic of your choice. 

You can extend the invitation to a large part of the workforce, as those sessions are not typically capped for numbers, and allow for as many participants as the space can accomodate.