Workplace Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

“A Happy workforce is the ultimate sustainable advantage”
-Carolyn Everson
VP Global Marketing

What is Meditation?


Meditation is an effortless cerebral process that stimulates the full potential of the mind and triggers deep recovery and rejuvenation from stress. 

Nothing is required to practice, learning is easy, benefits can be felt instantly, and over the long-run an astounding transformation will be felt, widening your whole life experience. 

Contrary to what many might believe, meditation is easy to learn and the benefits are experienced immediately. Learning doesn’t require previous experience or fancy gadgets. Those who consider themselves to have the busiest minds and feel it will be impossible for them to learn can be taught to have deeply satisfying meditative experiences in weekly sessions over the course of 1 month, or 1 quarter. 


What are the benefits of meditation? 



  1. Reduced stress & anxiety

  2. Improved focus & concentration

  3. Improved quality of sleep & sleep patterns

  4. Helps boost self confidence and creativity

  5. Increased energy levels

  6. Helps develop greater emotional stability 

  7. Helps improve ability to make reliable decisions under stress and pressure

  8. Allows to develop a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing


How is meditation Practiced in the Workplace?




The advantage of bringing meditation to your workplace is the it requires nothing else than a simple space. 

We bring a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator in your workplace, and they will guide a team of up to 20 individuals through a mindful meditation experience lasting a total of 30 minutes, or less, depending on your needs.