Wellbeing Ambassador Course

Wellbeing Ambassador Course


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

-John Quincy Adams


Program Overview


Engage, Lead and Support

This profound training is for anyone who aspires to have a significant impact on, and be involved in creating the optimal culture of wellbeing.

Delivered in 6 seperate sessions, this course offers an in-dept learning experience to optimise personal wellbeing, resilience and stress mastery. We train participants to become agents of change in their workplace and empower their colleagues to enhance their health by leading a successful wellbeing strategy that generates high engagement and significant results.

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Course Topics

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Workplace wellness fundamentals; psychology of eating for a better environment; healthy habits for higher performance; stress and time management training; lunch and learn design and delivery; intro to ergonomics and employee mental health prevention; developing wellness buddies and cultivating wellness champions

  • Comprehensive toolkits and Lunch and Learn Database

  • Training/resources for optimising communication strategy

  • Monthly On Going Support


How is this course run?

6 x 45 minutes sessions

Both In person and digital offering are available


What is the price?


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“Joannie’s passion for mindfulness is infectious and whether you are new to the topic of mindfulness or regularly practice it you will come away with some great tips to absorb the practice into your daily lives”

-George Chirakis,
Head of SMSF & Self Directed Wealth

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