Meet the team


Joannie Lemay 

Sydney, NSW + Melbourne, VIC

Joannie is a certified mind-body practitioner and a yoga therapist who studied at The Institute for The Psychology of Eating.  

Where does nutrition meet yoga should you ask? When the mind and body are connected, the two dance together. An approach that focuses on body only, and disregards the mind is faulty. This mind body connection is the core of Joannie’s mission; to inspire, inform and provide others a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating taught Joannie many things. Ironically, the biggest of all lessons is counterintuitive; it’s not about the food. And yoga taught her just as many lessons, to which she would comment:

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.’’

Her attitude towards teaching is the same towards life: give it your all, do it with love, and great things will happen. 

JP Picard

Sydney, NSW

At In Bloom, JP focuses on the business’ growth strategy and support systems. He also creates the blog’s content. 

In JP’s heart is the idea that a life without travel, adventure and living abroad, is a life only half lived. He believes that happiness comes from simple things like connecting with people and nature. To be able to smell the ocean breeze from his apartment in the morning reminds him of that everyday. 

You may find him wearing a three-piece suit with a pair of running shoes, because there is no way he would miss out on the opportunity to run back home as the sun sets for the day. Although he competed in half-ironman distance triathlons for a couple of years, JP now prefers to focus on the happiness level attained during movement rather than the performance level. 

JP’s creativity is channeled as a photographer, which explains the emphasis you see on visuals for In Bloom. 



Maud Leger

Melbourne, VIC

Maud did her first Downward Facing Dog on the roof of her company´s building 5 years ago, overlooking the iconic roofs of Paris. She was instantly intrigued by the intricate combination of physical challenge and inner journey.

She first trained in Iyengar Yoga in Paris with Alex Onfroy before relocating to Australia in 2012 and completing her certification with Power Living. She has since continued training with internationally acclaimed teachers like Megan Currie, Tiffany Cruikshank, Ana Forest, Cameron Shayne, Régine Chopinot. Maud recently spent time in Rishikesh, India training with Iyengar Yoga Master, Usha Devi.

 Maud brings a grounding and nurturing energy to In Bloom. With classes physically challenging, anatomically intelligent and somewhat sensual. 

She also incorporates in her teaching some of her interests and knowledge in anatomy, movement and somatic practices acquired throughout her experience as a dance artist as well as her insights from her own yoga practice, including both physical and philosophical aspects.

With a passion for movement, Maud teaches yoga to allow people to take ownership of both their body and mind and to enable motion and connection to follow. At In Bloom, she delivers classes for Melbourne based organisations. 

Eliza Giles

Eliza Giles

Sydney, NSW

Eliza Giles began her journey of yoga at the age of 16. After her first yoga class she became passionate about her practice and the journey towards creating a balanced lifestyle with a new connection to herself and the world around her.

At 17 after finishing school she moved to India and then across to Canada for two years. At 20 she spent time living in the Omkaranada Ashram in Rishikesh whilst completing her 200hr Teacher Training in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga under Swami Sudhir. In 2013 she furthered her studies completing a 200hr Teacher Training course with Power Living.

Eliza started teaching to spread the valuable skills and benefits yoga offers us to improve our consciousness and our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. At In Bloom, she delivers classes to organizations based in Sydney.


Adam Becker

Sydney, NSW

Adam is a forward motion specialist. Working with endurance athletes and everyday sportsmen & women, he helps people realise and achieve their life’s potential.

Being ‘Life fit’ is the key passion to Adam’s style of training. The ability to move, and to do so effortlessly is something everyone should be able to do without question. Adam breaks down the simple things, teaches awareness and the result is you do them better than ever!

With a background in rowing and endurance racing, Adam’s passion to move has taken him to win local and national medals in rowing and triathlon and compete at international and world championship races around the globe.

For the past 7 years, Adam has been teaching his clients of all ages functional movements that improves their life, and this has left him wanting to learn more about the foundations of movement. This is where Adam discovered the world of Pilates. He is currently finishing his accreditation with Michel Koton of MpowerPilates and the Pilates Chicago School.

‘Moving is an expression of your life, and if moving is hard, your doing it wrong.’

Whether it is running, rowing, swimming or riding, there are no movements that can’t be done effortlessly.

Cristina Arango

Cristina Arango

Sydney, NSW

Cristina is a firm believer that love is medicine and the daily practices of yoga and meditation are profound opportunities for gathering our daily dose.

Through a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness, she offers students the chance to revisit their true self, reconnect with their heart and spark a positive transformation that extends far beyond the four corners of the mat.  Her powerful combination of knowledge, compassion, creativity and challenge will fuel your journey toward self-discovery and offer you a hefty dose of love along the way. 

At In Bloom, Cristina delivers classes to organizations based in Sydney. 

Ruby Dwyer

Ruby Dwyer

Melbourne, VIC

Yoga has found Ruby at different stages throughout her life, like an old friend returning again and again to provide comfort and help her to uncover this magical life. As a child, Ruby remembers flicking through her parents yoga books and being fascinated with the shapes and angles of the bodies. Then, as a young teenager Ruby’s Mum dragged her to her first yoga class at the local school hall, which she secretly loved but resisted with great force! Yoga returned to Ruby during her dance studies at university, when she finally accepted it into her life with open arms.

Having spent her whole life exploring the physical body through different mediums such as dance and acrobatics, Ruby’s knowledge of the body is rich. Her classes focus on the internal experience – exploring the landscape of our being.  She is passionate about the healing nature of yoga and returns again and again to the saying: “In order to heal, first we must feel.”

Ruby completed her Teacher Training with Power Living in 2014 and is passionate about intelligent alignment and uncovering our true nature: the unity between body, mind and soul. Since 2014, Ruby has continued her studies with Power Living and has learnt from Rod Stryker, Ana Forrest and Sarah Powers. She teaches from a joyful heart, combining her creative energy and playful nature.