Enhancing Member's Experience with Wellbeing

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Helping WeWork position itself as a wellbeing leader to support and enhance the health and wellbeing of it's members. This helps with the attraction and retention of members, while boosting the image and culture of WeWork. 


Program Goal 

The overarching goal of this program is to enhance WeWork members' experience by providing them with a solution to further enhance their wellbeing and performance, available to all, directly in their workspace. 

Introducing workplace wellbeing activities is one of the strongest ways to enhance your members' sense of community: the need for individuals to look after their health is greater than it ever was, hence relationships are created around a necessity in our modern lives. 

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"A happy workforce is the ultimate sustainable advantage"
-Carolyn Everson
VP Global Marketing Solutions

weekly Guided Mindfulness meditation sessions



Rolling out weekly guided mindfulness meditation sessions will enhance your wellbeing climate and become another space for members to create meaningful connections with one another.

The future of work is here, the demands & expectations of the workforce are changing, and individuals now look at their work environment to help them with a challenging part of their life: mental and physical health. 

Sessions will be delivered weekly on Wellness Wednesdays at 12:00.
Sessions will last 30 minutes in total.





How do we measure success?


To make sure the investment provides WeWork with the desired outcome, we will measure success with a set of variables on our end. 

  • We track the number of participants per sessions across all 8 offices. 
  • We track participant's feedback of the session (was is good, neutral of bad?)
  • We track participant's stress level, after a session compared to before the session, and after completing the trial month.



Corporate Wellbeing Goals Workshop

Aligned to wework's image and Branded as part of the "we" brand



Success to us is also member's viewing these sessions as an extension of the many perks of WeWork's workspaces. The branding plays an important part in the engagement of the sessions, we could label the sessions as "WeMed", to further drive the community aspect of these sessions. 



communication strategy


We will work across multiple channels to maximise the visibility of the opportunity. We can share with you both short and medium form content to use for your internal platform. Members that have not meditated before will need to be convinced of the benefits meditation can bring to professional and personal life.


We have both promotional and educational content already scripted for all channels. 


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Long-term effect


Moving forward, workplace guided meditation will become a much bigger part of organisations and workspaces, as we all recognise the necessity and benefits the meditation can bring to individuals. WeWork can further cement it's position as the leader of community-driven workspaces by making wellbeing a key pillar. We have the network and IP to help support and enhance such growth and can accommodate the delivery across as many offices required in the APAC region. 


About the Head Facilitator and drive of the strategy



Joannie's mission is to empower individuals and businesses with transformational wellbeing strategies that allow fundamental change a dynamic evolution of your health and wellbeing. 

Joannie draws on more than half a decade of creating corporate welbeing strategies for leading organisations based all over APAC. She leverages her extensive training in psychology, yoga, meditation, and nutrition to inform and empower others to live happier, healthier lives. 

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David Rohrsheim,
Former CEO,

"Joannie has been an essential part of our wellbeing for several years, helping to keep us calm and grounded while Uber went through enormous change and growth. 
We probably wouldn't have installed a yoga studio in our office if it wasn't for Jo!
Her yoga classes are good exercise for body and soul, her wellbeing programs very accessible. Jo is adaptable to our needs and very proactive with new suggestions for our overall wellness program. Everybody is very thankful to have Jo as part of our journey."