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WooliesX Employee Wellbeing

Many employees today spend nearly 60% of  their waking hours at work. Leaving little time outside of work, organisations today have an opportunity, and a duty to help develop their employee's physical, mental and emotional health with a creative wellbeing program.

Here we present a series of programs for WooliesX to help stimulate & vitalise it's wellbeing culture. 


What are the main goals and impact areas of our programs?

Attract Tenants with Workplace Wellbeing

If you've not seen it already, our corporate wellbeing framework will provide you an aerial view of a complete way to transform and create a best-in-class wellbeing culture. Our wellbeing programs are designed to:

  1. Decrease workplace stress
  2. Increase employee mobility
  3. Increase interaction between business units
  4. Create meaningful exercises to increase employee creativity
  5. Provide employees with a simple roadmap to transform and bring their health to the next level


"A happy workforce is the ultimate sustainable advantage"
-Carolyn Everson
VP Global Marketing Solutions
Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Program 1  |  Incipiunt


1 Monthly Wellbeing Workshop (1 Year Workshop Roadmap here)




Price: $1,200/Monthly

$3,600 Quarterly

40% discount if Annual Commitment


benefits of our wellbeing workshops

  1. Provides easy-to-action, tangible take-aways that impact employee's health, wellbeing, performance at work, and creativity
  2. Create meaningful relationship between, and across teams
  3. Designed to allow important time for employees to reduce their stress levels and walk-way with a strategy to sustain lower stress levels
  4. Interactive, creative and fun. Employees can use as a platform to generate initiate new ideas



"It was very beneficial to attend Joannie’s Mindfulness & Productivity session. It is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of work and forget how some simple changes can make a big difference to our health, happiness and how this also impacts our productivity at work. It was great attending this session with colleagues as it makes it easier for everyone to support each other in making these changes."

-Grace Rea
Human Centred Design Principal
Westpac Group



Program 2  |  INCIPERE


1 Weekly Meditation Session (Can be part of a Six Weeks Meditate Challenge)

1 Monthly Workshop



Price: $1,800/Monthly

$5,400 Quarterly


benefits of workplace meditation sessions


Meditation is a proven method to decrease stress

Studies have linked meditation with increased attention and concentration

Meditation is related to increased creativity

Meditation Helps Increase Emotional Intelligence 



"The meditation classes allow me to collaborate more and be more aware with my co-workers"

-Alexander Duong
 Strategic Restaurants Partnerships
 Uber Eats


Employee at Desk.jpg

Program 3  |  PRAESENti



1 Weekly Yoga Class 

1 Weekly Meditation Session

1 Monthly Workshop



Price: $2,400/Month

$7,200 Quarterly


Bringing Yoga in Your Workplace in Australia

Benefits of yoga in workplace


  1. Improves posture and mobility, especially for deskbound workers
  2. Reduced stress & anxiety

  3. Improved focus & concentration

  4. Helps with posture, to boost self confidence and creativity

  5. Increased & refresh energy levels of the office

  6. Helps improve ability to make reliable decisions under stress and pressure

  7. Boosts team morale: allows to develop a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing


"After a session with In Bloom I feel relaxed, and clear headed, stronger and ready to start the day"

Olivia Ruello
Business Chicks Australia


Wellbeing Accelerator | Learn to Meditate & Stress Management Course for Leaders

Learn to Meditate for Corporates in Sydney


4 x 90 minute consecutive Learn to Meditate course at the workplace


In many ways our most impactful workplace wellbeing offering, the course empowers executives and staff to manage stress, increase wellbeing, and emotional intelligence, while contributing to a healthy, collaborative workplace. 





What if I want something slightly different to these programs?

That's fantastic. We're here to listen to your idea, and we will most certainly be able to accommodate your needs. We can also provide a number of other, complimentary services that you may not find listed in the program options above. You can use the program options above to help guide yourself and blend ideas together to create your own. These options are the most popular programs amongst our clients, hence why their presented here, but creativity is a core value of ours and we are open to all new ideas. 


What is the minimum commitment for a program?

In order to be able to properly assess the success of your wellbeing program, we require a minimum of one quarter. The first quarter can be your trial period and will be used as a pilot program to gauge and assess the engagement the different activities of the program are receiving. 


Can you help us communicate the program and activities internally?

Yes. Once you commit to a program, we provide a set of useful tools to communicate it internally. We will work directly with you to create a personalised communication strategy thats reflects your voice. We communicate across channels, while keeping the message simple and interesting. We are here to provide guidance and can create tools such as flyers and articles for communication via your internal channels. 


Where can I find more details about the sessions and the workshops?

Our corporate page draws a map of approach.  All sessions are detailed in our services page, a complete list of workshops can be found there, while more details on specific workshops can be found on our workshop page. 


What do I need In my organisation to move forward with a program?

The only item you truly need is the space to hold the activities. If you do not have space, we can still conduct the movement based sessions outside, but the workshops require space internally to be conducted. 


About the Head Facilitator and Creator of the Framework



Joannie's mission is to empower individuals and businesses with transformational wellbeing strategies that allow fundamental change a dynamic evolution of your health and wellbeing. 

Joannie draws on more than half a decade of creating corporate welbeing strategies for leading organisations based all over APAC. She leverages her extensive training in psychology, yoga, meditation, and nutrition to inform and empower others to live happier, healthier lives.