Mindful Eating & MindBody Nutrition Workshop

Mindful Eating & MindBody Nutrition Workshop

“Nourishment is not just “nutrition.” Nourishment is the nutrients in the food, the taste, the aroma, the ambiance of the room, the conversation at the table, the love and inspiration in the cooking, and the joy of the entire eating experience.”

— Marc David




This workshop dives into the founding principles of the Psychology of Eating. It offers participants simple and concrete tools to improve their relationship with food. 

It exposes detrimental nutritional habits and offers easy to follow strategies to help you reach your nutritional goals. It was first developed from a growing demand our clients had to have more and better conversation around nutrition. 



In this workshop we will cover:

  • MindBody Nutrition Defined
  • Good Eating Rhythm: simple and effective exercises to implement at work and home
  • Macronutrient balance and misconceptions
  • How slow and relaxed eating affects digestion
  • The flawed theory - Happiness starts when our goals are achieved