R U OK? Workshop

R U OK? Workshop

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves
— Henry David Thoreau



There is no more important place for asking the question “Are you ok?” than the workplace. 

As employers or staff, we all have a tremendous impact on the culture of the workplace. All of us have the power to create an environment where people feel confident asking and answering this simple yet important question. 

Besides our legal responsibility of providing a safe and healthy workplace, these important conversations will make a real difference for staff going through a tough time, and can help others in the early stages of can be a difficult period. 


Mentally healthy workplaces are as important to Australian employees as physically safe workplaces, however workplaces are not meeting their expectations

• 91% believe mental health in the workplace is important (88% believe physical safety is important).

• Despite this, only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy compared to 76% for physical safety.

• Only five in ten (56%) believe their most senior leader values mental health.


Blue, Beyond. "State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia." Headsup. org. au (2014).



  1. Tools & Techniques to take care of your own mental health and wellbeing

  2. The four conversation steps to give you the skills and confidence to navigate a conversation with someone you're worried about.

  3. Resources to continue to develop a healthy workplace culture

  4. Healthy workplaces exercises



Joannie’s workshop was incredibly insightful and the takeaways simple and actionable! Really enjoyed the session and looking forward to applying the learnings.
— Maurice Hagin Sr. Operations Manager, NSW & ACT, Uber Eats