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About creating, delivering and transforming a complete wellbeing program


David Rohrsheim,

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"Joannie has been an essential part of our wellbeing for several years, helping to keep us calm and grounded while Uber went through enormous change and growth. 
We probably wouldn't have installed a yoga studio in our office if it wasn't for Jo!

Her yoga classes are good exercise for body and soul, her wellness programs very accessible. Jo is adaptable to our needs and very proactive with new suggestions for our overall wellness program. Everybody is very thankful to have Jo as part of our journey." 

About our mindfulness movement sessions as part of a wellbeing program


Tim Keegan,
Global Head of Marketing,  
AMP Capital

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" I cannot recommend Joannie highly enough. 
As a Yoga instructor she has a great presence and energy and is able to tailor her classes to both the first timer and the more experienced. 
We have had the pleasure of weekly classes for the past 6 months which are a highlight of the week. The classes are fun but also deliver the benefits of reducing stress, increasing focus and building relationships with colleagues. Joannie’s dedication to Yoga and Wellness coupled with her personalisation, warmth and humour sets her classes apart."

About our psychology of eating coaching as part of a wellbeing program


Nicholas Kaspareck,
Director Entreprise Solutions, WeWork

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"Joannie showed me how food can feed my mind, not just my body. Thanks to simple and steady changes in my habits, I’ve increased my energy, my focus, and my productivity in the workplace and in sports. 

Most of all I now feel more balanced and always ready to engage new challenges with a relaxed mindset."

About our wellbeing and performance coaching as part of a wellbeing program


Craig Keary
Director, APAC
AMP Capital

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"Joannie is an amazing and positive individual. Her coaching is truly transformative and delivers results . I would recommend Joannie to any busy working person who is looking to bring balance to their week. 

Joannie is organised and professional and caters for individuals that have competing demands."

About introducing yoga classes in your organisation


"We couldn’t be happier with Joannie. Our company had been looking to find a yoga teacher that would be willing to teach in our office once a week and Joannie has exceeded every expectation.

She is energetic and fun. Her practice helps our team to be more productive.

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Eric Michael Ward,
APAC Regional Sales Manager


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"I love the wellness workshops! They allow me to expand my thinking and think about things I wouldn't normally think about"

-James Ross
 Digital Marketing Manager
 Uber Eats

"Yoga helps me unwind from my long day at work on Mondays, and helps me be in a much better position for the rest of the week"

- Sharny Mullally
   Regional Marketing Coordinator
   Uber Eats

"The meditation classes allow me to collaborate more and be more aware with my co-workers"

-Alexander Duong
 Strategic Restaurants Partnerships
 Uber Eats

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"It was very beneficial to attend Joannie’s Mindfulness & Productivity session. It is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of work and forget how some simple changes can make a big difference to our health, happiness and how this also impacts our productivity at work. It was great attending this session with colleagues as it makes it easier for everyone to support each other in making these changes."

-Grace Rea
Human Centred Design Principal
Westpac Group

"Joannie’s mindfulness sessions are a great reminder how to implement mindfulness in our busy lives in a very easy and practical way. The session only  took 45 minute but changed and improved my working days going forward."


-Katrin Schmidt
Director of Human Centred Design
Westpac Group