Our corporate wellbeing and culture programs are designed to ignite productivity, creativity, and increase mindfulness while sharing some cool downtime with the colleagues. 

Bringing wellbeing to your workplace is a proven investment to increase your staff’s motivation, to expand their creativity, and to reset their energy level in order to increase the performance, atmosphere and culture of the workforce. It’s always a great way to nourish internal relationships and take a break from the screens, leaving the employees with a sense of calm, focus and relaxation.


why invest in a corporate wellbeing program?


Increase Your Company's Wealth

Research shows every dollar invested in wellbeing programs can be as high as $6 for every $1 invested.

Improve Employee Health

Implementing or improving your wellbeing culture and caring  for your workforce pays dividends.

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Increase Staff Retention & Attraction

In today's war to attract and retain talent, wellbeing programs have demonstrated their ability to help your organisations retain and develop top employees. 

Attract Employees

Expand Worker's Creativity & Critical Thinking

Studies have shown direct links between a healthy workplace wellbeing program and productivity, performance, cost savings and customer satisfaction


some of Our Corporate Clients Include

We couldn’t be happier with Joannie. Our company had been looking to find a yoga teacher that would be willing to teach in our office once a week and Joannie has exceeded every expectation. She is energetic and fun. Her practice helps our team to be more productive.
— Eric Michael Ward, APAC Regional Sales Manager, MindBody

HOW in bloom develops a wellbeing program


We believe in a holistic approach to achieving wellbeing. No two companies are the same. All our clients have different values, schedules and priorities. We sit down together and create a program that's best suited for your needs. We can offer simple programs (ie. 1 yoga sessions per week) as well as complete wellbeing guidance (ie. weekly yoga, weekly meditation, monthly wellness workshops, executive wellbeing coaching, middle and lower management personal wellbeing programs...). The best option is the one that fits your needs.  




Through the combined practice of workshops, coaching, yoga, meditation and curated nutrition we will elevate your team's health to the next level.



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I cannot recommend Joannie highly enough.
As a Yoga instructor she has a great presence and energy and is able to tailor her classes to both the first timer and the more experienced.
We have had the pleasure of weekly classes for the past 6 months which are a highlight of the week. The classes are fun but also deliver the benefits of reducing stress, increasing focus and building relationships with colleagues. Joannie’s dedication to Yoga and Wellness coupled with her personalisation, warmth and humour sets her classes apart.
— Tim Keegan, Global Head of Marketing at AMP Capital

the first steps are free, we would love to talk with you


We offer a wide range of wellbeing programs and workshops, most importantly we cater to the needs of your organisation. For more details on pricing, or with questions to develop your ideas, we're here to help. 

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Joannie has been providing yoga to our workplace for almost a year now and we can’t get enough of her and her practice. Each week she brings great energy and thoughtfulness to her classes. She connects with each person in the room and pushes us to achieve a new goal, while maintaining a fun atmosphere. We’d be less calm and focussed without her classes.
— Vinzena Romeo, Office Manager, Uber.