5 Things I Learned from Photography

5 Things I Learned from Photography


I learned much more than five things from photography. Sometimes when I look back, I don’t find it difficult to believe that I advanced more from the art than I have from my years at Uni. But since I have been in the game for about 5 years now, I chose to stick to being cheesy and limit this to five things, after which you’ll have more than enough to thank us for anyway. 


1. Sometimes, I choose not to take the shot.


The consumers of photography rarely consider this, but the true magic happens only once. The sunset photograph you admire formed itself only once, and never again will this exact piece of art ever be re-created. Such is true for every single moment of our lives. Not taking the shot forces us to treat the moment with the respect it deserves. 


2. Composition is what makes it, or breaks it. 


What you choose to include in the frame, and what you choose to leave out make all the difference. Bring an artistic genius and a fellow who’s creativity has been drained from a bad day at work at the same location and one will turn out prodigious art while the other will fail to capture the true magic of the surroundings. Is life really any different? Toxic people are in the way of true beauty. True beauty does not ask for our attention. 


3. When in doubt, less is a whole lot more. 


When I show up on location where the scene is startling, I often find I initially fail to re-create the beauty in my photographs. Trying to catch everything and leave nothing out. Alternatively, If I focus on simply one of the many things I love about the scene (i.e. the surfer on the beach vs. the whole beach), that’s when visual interest starts to reappear. When in doubt, especially for those who are starting in photography, think about less. Keep it simple. Play with simplicity and make art. 


4. Art is created when focus is at 100%


Andi Puddicombe, Headspace founder, which we look up to dearly, describes focus being the absence of distractions, nothing else. I don’t bring my phone out on shoot. Every second counts and I suddenly couldn’t care less about anything else. If you read our other articles. you how animated we are about this. Do one thing. Be fully here. There is much more to this than words will be able to express. 


5. Creativity is a muscle, use it or lose it. 


While photography may not be your thing, you must find your vehicle. Creative people solve problem with more ease, and creatives have more fun. It’s creative people that create billion-dollar businesses. Choose your pool carefully.