What is In Bloom?

What is InBloom?


Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, said the following about building a startup:

"You jump off a cliff, and you assemble an airplane on the way down" 

Reid is right. Creating a business comes with more challenges than the wildest imagination could dream of, and getting enough paying customers to pay for new socks because all your hard work created holes on the toes of your current ones doesn't even begin to describe it. At the end of the day, knowing you're making a difference in the lives of people you care for, makes it all worth it, and makes life beautiful, even with old socks on. 

Initially, it's difficult to gain simple awareness. Meaning even your followers, your tribe, and your users, do not fully comprehend what the brand is doing, and where it intends to go in the future. On that note, we thought now was as good a time as any to get down to business, and tell what you In Bloom is all about, why we care so much about happiness and health, and how that translates to better businesses. 


What does In Bloom do? 

We thought you'd never ask.

In Bloom believes that happy and healthy people will make any business thrive, so we focus on improving the wellbeing and productivity of individuals by delivering bespoke wellness solutions to organisations. What that means is that we communicate with leaders like yourself, in all types of organisations, to create from scratch, or simply to compliment an already existing, wellness program. 

What it looks like to you is yoga sessions straight in your office, guided meditations, nutrition workshops, interactive activities with wellness leaders, outdoor team-building events, constant support via online content, and plenty, plenty, more.. We love working with clients that have wild ideas and care deeply about the happiness and health of their staff. 

Sounds fun? You don't know the half of it, just wait till your partner compliments you on your new trimmed buttocks... 



Why do we like yoga so much?

So does everyone else it seems!

Yoga has long been a favourite of ours here at In Bloom for many reasons. First, yoga is accessible to everyone, there is no being good or bad at yoga, and no other requirement that the guidance of the teacher is needed. Second, yoga is easily practiced. This is extremely important, because when it comes to tools to build the health of your employees, making sure to deliver sessions consistently and building momentum are critical.

Third, the yoga classes we deliver are created and fine-tuned to compliment the movement, and more importantly, lack of movement, of your workers. Sitting down for such long hours at a time is extremely detrimental to human health, and yoga is the best antidote for this.

At last, the yoga classes we provide are designed to fit in the perfect blend of movement, making sure that your staff return to the office with more energy than they had before the session. 



Why do Companies need In Bloom? 

Good question, because there are many layers to it. Simon Sinek suggests we should always start with the why, and we couldn't agree more. 

If we look at the big picture, we don't have to look too long to see the current situation of global health. The direction in which global health is headed ins't all too rosy. While it warms our hearts that progress is made on many fronts such as child mortality, life expectancy and overall decrease of diseases, statistics are large and wide about the population growing less active, and more obese. In 2005, obesity cost Australia a whopping $21 billion dollars. With work hours that are continuously extending, how can people find the time to spend time taking care of their health? That's where we come in. With our programs being in your workplace, in your work hours, the biggest obstacles are now removed from the picture. 

The organisations of the future all want to attract and retain top talent, and complimenting the culture of your company by developing a strong & enjoyable wellness program is on top of the list of winning organisations. 





Why Should I pick In Bloom over another, bigger, more established Wellness Provider? 

In short, because we care a whole lot more, because we are much more creative, because we are a lot more flexible, and because we always go the extra mile. 

While our portfolio of clients is growing rapidly, no two companies that work with us have the same wellness program. Every detail of every program has been deliberated, studied, delivered, monitored and modified to best suit our client's needs. We are a young, emerging brand, with unmatched will and energy, and the employees that we work with love us. See what they have to say here




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