Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Stand Up For Your Rights

That’s not most of us. We're seated, all day. Creating quality work, but at what cost? 

Chairs in the corporate world look and feel better than ever, but should we really be in the business of better chairs, or are we looking at the problem the wrong way?

You would have heard the slag: “Sitting is the New Smoking”. Many coin it around, not fully comprehending of its meaning, and its true impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

One of our mentors here at In Bloom, Dr. Kelly Starrett, paints the picture this way: 

“Recent studies show that too much sitting contributes to a host of diseases - from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression.” 

Seated office workers now suffer from more injuries that manual labourers. Over the long haul, sitting will cause more injuries that lifting heavy weights would. 

If you’ve received this email directly in your inbox, it means we've seen you before. At yoga, on the running track, or you may even be one of our wellness partners. You may then consider yourself above the average health line. But ask yourself still, what does my ordinary day look like?

Seated for breakfast, seated while commuting, seated for hours at the desk, seated while commuting again, seated for dinner, and why don’t we compliment that with more seating to unwind with a nice session of Netflix. 

Sounds like too much? I sure hope it does. Maybe that’s a bad day for you. But let’s say it happened once in a while, here’s what we can do about it. 


Top Performers do this


Live by this rule.

30 minutes spent sitting down, 2 minutes spent standing up, minimum.


Ask your boss for a desk that allows you to sit and stand. The pitch should sound like this: “Hey Boss. Do you enjoy with top quality art? Well research shows I will take less sick days if I have a stand-up desk. That’s more money in your pocket boss. So should I put this on your credit card?"

Go to yoga in your office

We teach in many offices in the Melbourne and Sydney CBD, but if we don’t teach in yours yet, get in touch with us. Or tell your boss to do so. We do the pitching for you on this one. You just worry about the benefits and showing up. 

Perform daily maintenance on your body

The benefits of simple yoga moves everyday are too many to mention here. Try yoga. We don’t lie.


Warren Buffet once said to a group of young adults the following: 

“Think of a car you really love. Your dream car. Now consider this: Tomorrow morning when you awake, the car will be in your driveway. I will buy it for you.
I know what you’re thinking: "Ok, what’s the catch?" 
The catch is this: that car, is the only car you will ever get in your entire life. 
What would you do if you were only to have one car for you’re entire life? You would take care of it, that’s what you would do. “


Did you catch his metaphor here?


Source: Deskbound. Kelly Starrett