We focus on bringing people and businesses to the next level  by creating, delivering, and improving complete wellbeing programs.


Our unique 7 steps approach begins with an analysis of your current situation and takes you through developing wellbeing leaders internally, enhancing your current climate, managing change, marketing wellbeing activities to ensure maximum impact & value to create evidence based programs that will continue to transform over time. 


We Are Australia's Leading Wellbeing strategist for Creative Organisations 


Who we are and what we do


We believe that happy and healthy people will make any business thrive. So we focus on improving the wellbeing and productivity of individuals with our corporate wellbeing programs. We focus on wellbeing because once you master this part of your life, the rest is easy. We also focus on wellbeing because most people don't, and are therefore unfit to live life to the fullest. 


We understand that wellbeing is a broad term, with a meaning differing from one individual to another. We therefore target our offering to a limited amount of people, aiming to get to know, and personalise our offering to the individual's needs.We take the greatest of pleasures in what we do, and therefore, we do it well.


Joannie is an amazing and positive individual. Her coaching is truly transformative and delivers results.
I would recommend Joannie to any busy working person who is looking to bring balance to their week. Joannie is organized and professional and caters for individuals that have competing demands.
— Craig Keary, Director, Australia and New Zealand, AMP Capital
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Joannie showed me how food can feed my mind, not just my body. Thanks to simple and steady changes in my habits, I’ve increased my energy, my focus, and my productivity in the workplace and in sports.

Most of all I now feel more balanced and always ready to engage new challenges with a relaxed mindset.
— Nicholas Kaspareck, Director Entreprise Solutions, WeWork
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Our Wellbeing Workshops Help Spread A Culture of Health


What Some of our clients are saying

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Joannie has been providing yoga to our workplace for almost a year now and we can’t get enough of her and her practice. Each week she brings great energy and thoughtfulness to her classes. She connects with each person in the room and pushes us to achieve a new goal, while maintaining a fun atmosphere. We’d be less calm and focussed without her classes.
— Vinzena Romeo, Office Manager, Uber
We couldn’t be happier with Joannie. Our company had been looking to find a yoga teacher that would be willing to teach in our office once a week and Joannie has exceeded every expectation. She is energetic and fun. Her practice helps our team to be more productive.
— Eric Michael Ward, APAC Regional Sales Manager, MindBody


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